To get the perfect corporate gift for your customers has never been easier with the availability of products online and retail. However, with the vast selection of gift ideas comes a head-spinning array of choices. Before you set out to find the perfect corporate gift for your customers,  you should know the essentials of corporate gift buying.

Before you go out and buy the “tried and true” corporate gift, consider these eight essentials of buying business gifts.

How To Choose Corporate Gifts

1. Check Corporate Policies

Many companies and government offices will have a gift policy limiting the dollar value of a gift or prohibiting gifts. Be sure to check with your recipients to determine the limitations of gift giving so they don’t have to return the item.

2. Determine Wants

Knowing what to buy a corporate client is the biggest challenge of business gift buying. It’s difficult to know your clients on a personal level in many cases. The best bet is to call your customers and ask them what they like, their hobbies, etc., to give you a great idea of what to buy.

3. Consider Cultural Differences

Each country and culture will have their own rules for corporate gift buying. For instance, in China, a gift should never be wrapped in white since it symbolizes death.

4. Go For Quality

Any business gift you send reflects on the image of your company. Avoid lower quality gifts that can impair your image. Purchase quality products without breaking your budget.

5. Use Handwritten Cards

It’s far too easy in this Hallmark age to simply send a card with your gift and signature. For a more lasting impression, add a hand written note sharing your thoughts.

6. Spend on Packaging

As important as choosing the right corporate gift for your client is the packaging of the gift itself. Spend the time and money on the wrapping to reflect your value on client relationships. If you lack the talent for gift-wrapping or have no time, use the many gift-wrapping services available from retailers and shopping malls.

7. Deliver Personally

If your business gift list isn’t too large, consider personally delivering the gift to the intended party. A personally delivered gift will keep you at the top-of-the-mind with your clients.

Corporate gift giving is an opportunity to connect with your clients, strengthen ties, and share your holiday cheer. Adopting an attitude of giving will make the act of corporate gift buying less stressful and more fun.

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