What was the best cheap UAE gift you’ve ever received? Let us put aside the expensive diamonds and pearls, designer watches, iPhones & gadgets for a minute. Have you ever received a gift that obviously didn’t cost a lot but made you so happy?

Actually, there are many cheap gifts that end up being among the best you’ve ever received. Maybe they weren’t expensive, but they were probably extremely thoughtful, handmade, or something that you actually needed and used. Often these gifts don’t cost much but have a lot of sentimental value. It’s not always about the amount of money you spend on it, sometimes it’s about the great deal of thought the giver puts into it.

We find that post covid, many people are getting more creative at home and are enjoying and value the outdoors even more, which is why we think the following tips and ideas would be great for the year 2024.

The thought of spending hundreds of dirhams on gifts can be daunting to many, especially with the current slip on the world’s economy post covid. So, today we offer a list of cheap UAE gift ideas for 2024.

Cheap Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful gifts are not general but actually specifically chosen for the receiver and can be anything that you think the receiver needs or will make their life easier in some way. Items such as a comfortable sleeping pillow, a new set of knives, or a pretty photo frame actually holding a photo memory are easy and simple gifts that can really mean a lot to someone.

Other thoughtful gifts are ones that are specific to the receiver’s interests or hobbies, these can include an assortment of tea or spices, hobby books & accessories. Cheap gifts like these are simple & APPRECIAcan easily be purchased online. Here are some examples available on Amazon:

Spice Box

If the gift recipient is a foodie they may be finding more time to post and be active on their food social media platform, so something like a spice box, a new set of knives, a set of tea towels, or a new cheese board would be really useful as well as a lovely thoughtful gesture. This Spice Box costs only AED 25.00

Hobby books

If your friend or a family member has a certain hobby, then look out for useful books on their topic of interest. For example, if they like fishing, an informative fishing book or related notebook or logbook would be a great thoughtful gift. Fishing is a very calming hobby that can be a perfect & peaceful post covid entertainment. It doesn’t require large groups of friends or any interaction with anyone. It’s usually enjoyed in open spaces free from busyness & crowds.

Photo frame

There are multiple options of photo frames in an abundance of colors, styles, and price ranges online. Find the right one most suited to your photo and wrap it up for your bestie or loved one. The frame doesn’t even need to be filled with a picture but even a favorite quote, it can support a religious event or just sit there as a motivational reminder.

Hobby Equipment Or Accessories

If your friend or family member loves to knit or do embroidery, why not get them a selection of wool. If they have an artistic flair top them up with some canvases, paints, brushes, or sketch pads, people that love photography can always use some extra props. This set of multicolored wool is only 18.00 AED

Why not start taking notes on your phone or jotting things down on a notepad whenever one of your family members or friends mentions that they’d really like something or suggests something that would make their life a lot easier. Usually, these things are simple and small, but will really make their day when received as a present. Often enough we think of it at the time but then later on when needing to buy a gift, we completely forget!

Cheap Personalized Gifts or Handmade Gifts

Personalized and handmade gifts are also often inexpensive however always put a big smile on your friend’s and loved ones’ faces. There are some beautiful homemade and personalized gifts available on Amazon, where you will find many artists and craftsmen selling their creations online. You can find some truly one-of-a-kind gifts at all kinds of prices. Here are just a few:

Personalized Cushion

Personalized Mug


You can also check Pinterest for bountiful ideas for creative DIY gifts that anyone can create. There are countless tutorials on how to make things like wall hangings, wreaths, sweet treats, personalized home decorations, and much more.

Cheap Experience Gifts

Of course, presents don’t always have to be tangible objects, sometimes they can come in a form of a week’s gym pass for a push in the right direction. You may even want to purchase something for yourself that you can use over and over again to treat someone you love to a nice experience. These things may include a foot massager, some bbq equipment or a picnic hamper, and so on. Often the best gifts are ones you experience with others, and there are plenty of options to choose from that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Some people also often decide to exchange the idea of getting actual gifts for each other with an enjoyable dinner together instead; spending time with each other and sharing the gift of love or friendship.

We do hope you enjoyed this post and hope that you will find it useful the next time you are thinking of what to affordable gifts you can get for your loved ones. Remember that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean useless, a thoughtful cheap gift can mean wonders when given the time to choose it properly.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and advice in the comments section below.

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