The portable power banks for mobile phones come in different brands, a selection of specifications  on the market today has made it a little confusing to choose the suitable one for you, so here are a few tips to bare in mind:


The appearance is one of the important elements. The classic appearance could increase your taste of the digital products, same as the apple productions.


Different portable power bank have different parameters, they include below:

  • The capacity of the electric core, the capacity is generally proportional to its volume, the greater the volume the greater capacity.
  • Input Voltage and current, the input voltage is 5V, which can use the same adapter cell phone. The input current plus the best in theory, the charging time will be sooner, but we must be careful about the heat problem.
  • Output voltage and current, the output voltage must be 5V, current output is the best in theory, it can charge the cell phone fast, but we should be concerned with the problem of heat and functionality of our phone portable too.
  • Protect parameters, it should be had the protect measures, such as the over voltage, over current, less voltage.

Those parameters decide the speed, the time, and safety of charge, so we usually pay attention to them.).


Test function parts must be the most important parts our user care about, excellent function and design is our demand. It is generally include the following function:

  • The electric core power indicator, which can indicate the capacity frame, that suggests when we should charge it.
  • Multi function is better as you can charge both iPhone, iPad, which will be easy for collection.
  • Intelligent charging mode (Plug-and-Play), when connected between adapter & cell phone, it can adjust itself intelligently to avoid the phone reaching full power and leaving itself out of power.

But the most of all,  this video is a brilliant explainer if really want to understand and know what and how to choose power banks:


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