Recently we shared 20 Best UAE Gifts For Him, now we are bringing you Top 20 Best UAE Gifts For Her.

If there’s one thing we all should know about us women, it’s that we all love the thought that goes into choosing a gift, many of us would much prefer a surprise gift that was carefully chosen for us than just being asked what we want or given the money for it. Unless your that unfortunate someone that always seems to get it wrong then, of course, it’s always better to ask or give money 😉

However today, with this amazing list of ideas, it will be very hard to go wrong. Sometimes it can even be tricky for women to buy gifts for women, a helpful tip is to think carefully about the person’s personality, hobbies and interests, what’s their humour like? Do they like to exercise or drink coffee? Then match the gift to something that you know will best suit their daily routine or interests. There’s no point of getting a travel coffee mug for someone that doesn’t drink coffee or a professional makeup brush set for someone that doesn’t usually wear makeup!

If you are going through the trouble of buying a gift, it’s always best to do it right. Here we have selected a cocktail of inspirational gift ideas that can be useful & suit all interests & ages:


Jewellery boxes are traditional and a classic addition to all girls bedrooms. They can be girly for the younger generation, vintage or modern style as well as come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. A jewellery box can be sentimental when given by a mother to her daughter, it can be romantic when given by a husband to his wife and thoughtful when given to a friend from a friend.

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A cosmetic case is almost like another beloved accessory that a girl stores all her other beloved accessories in. You can never have enough of them and their designs come in endless styles matching all sorts of personalities from classic to humour.

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Fragrance can be a personal taste and products such as perfume can even smell different on different people. Some people can be very specific with the types of scents they like to wear. However, if you are not entirely sure on the person’s taste, whether it’s strong and exotic, sweet or floral, you may want to stick to classical, calming & fresh fragrances such as signature scents that are timeless and wearable, in any situation and at any age.

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A book is a beautiful gift to anyone who loves reading, however, you have to thoroughly know the person your buying for to choose the right type of book for them. There are fictional novels and non-fictional inspiring autobiographies. There are hobby books, cooking books and religious books. As long as you know which will be more loved, you will be much appreciated. This Jane Austin inspired hardcover written by Gill Hornby for example, is said to be the No1 bestseller and one of the best novels of 2020 according to the Times, Observer, Stylist and more.

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A Gratitude Journal helps busy women relieve stress and be happier with small, easy exercises that encourage you to focus on the positive. This gratitude journal features thoughtful writing prompts and quotes from impressive women across history that will inspire her. The cheerful, colourful design makes it even more of a joy to use.

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The Fitbit Versa smartwatch includes all the features of lite edition plus music, on-screen workouts, floor exercises, climbing and swim lap tracking. If this girl likes her health & fitness routine or wants to lose weight and doesn’t yet have one of these, she will love it. She will be able to track her time In light, deep & rem sleep stages and get personal insights, it works around the clock with 4 plus day battery life that varies with use. 

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Every girl or woman will have a favourite lounge T-shirt, if not, they definitely need one! Usually, it will be extra big and cosy and always very worn. Even if they already have one they feel too attached to, an extra one is still useful for when that one is in the wash 😉 Now, there are so many cute personal options for gifts, there are Aunty ones, Mother ones and Sister ones. With plenty to choose from you can’t go wrong.

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Korean, Japenese & Chinese culture, makeup, TV soaps, food & beauty routines have been the most talked-about craze for a while now, so it’s no surprise why these kimonos are so popular and selling like hotcakes. Besides their traditional colourful designs, they are soft, silky and flowy as well as super comfortable & light. So she can look effortlessly elegant while enjoying a spa & even when lounging around the house.

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This cute little furry friend has multiple uses, it’s not only a fluffy & cosy bed buddy but also a therapeutic pain reliever. Scented & filled with sweet, dried lavender flowers & specially treated grains, this fully microwavable plush soft toy can be used as a heat pack when hot as well as a cold pack by simply placing in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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Scented candles are therapeutic and calming, which is what many women need after a long busy day at work or with kids. There’s nothing like unwinding with a cup of tea, a good book and a scented candle. LA JOLIE MUSE is one of the best brands that produce a variety of beautifully scented candles using the best quality essential oils and natural soy wax.

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A lady can never have enough kaftans, they are a very convenient home wear as well as useful for the beach and swimming pool this summer. You will be surprised at how many beautiful options there are online these days, not only is there more variety but the prices are better too.

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Halal makeup & cosmetics are continuing to trend as a purer, cleaner makeup alternative, it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free as well as free from quite harmful ingredients that can be damaging to the skin. Iba is one of the most popular brands available in the UAE offering an ample variety of products that include lip tints, eye shadow pallets and nail polishes that come in many shades and colours.

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Many women tend to be often busy with everyone else that they frequently forget to stop to take care of themselves. And when it comes to wanting a massage, correction NEEDING a massage, many of the time you can’t find anyone to actually offer you one and it’s just one of those things you can’t give yourself. This makes a creation such as this one a lifesaver and must-have in every household for every woman 😉

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Now summer is here our skin can feel quite dry and will need some TLC. The temporarily limited visits to the salon during the COVID-19 means that many of us may have slacked in our usual regular self-care which is vitally important for our personal health and confidence especially during these depressing times. This facial steamer can solve that problem and allow easy home therapy solutions. It also conveniently comes with an inhaler which can be particularly useful for cold symptoms such as sore throat and breathing difficulty.

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As mentioned above, the temporary ban on salons during the COVID-19 has made us all more cautious and limit our visits for our regular beauty services. Among these very popular services is the manicure & pedicure service, so having this great No1 Best Seller professional manicure set is great because it means she can give herself a salon-quality manicure at home like a pro!

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With the majority of us staying home and staying safe, many of us have become bored and hungry for some sort of alternative entertainment. This pretty apron set will encourage some compulsive baking streaks and more tasty treats on the table. Home baking has definitely increased incredibly within these last few painful months. Why not pair this gift up with a baking set or cookbook?

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If your girl likes home DIY projects, now is a good a time as any to get her one of these beauties. Being trapped in the house needs nothing more than getting stuck into another home project and this will make things that extra more exciting!

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Crafty hobbies are always more memorable & much more convenient & time saving when everything has a place. How many of us have grown up seeing our mums using an old Chocolate tin of Quality Streets as a sewing box? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one! This handy & spacious sewing box is one of those things that are so cute and definitely very used even if sewing isn’t her hobby. It’s just another one of those products that you never go out of your way to buy for yourself. Accept for me, I actually bought one for myself lol.

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Let’s face it, women like pretty things and there’s nothing more ugly than the standard laptop bags, and who doesn’t have a laptop? This high capacity slim messenger laptop bag, however, is very pretty and feminine. It boasts 14 inch accessory storage pockets for portable mouse, iPod, cell phone, pens, earphone, data cable, charger, mobile power, wallet, A4 documents or magazines, it’s basically a briefcase tote. Perfect for carrying up to 14 Inch laptops, compatible with for MacBook, Samsung, Lenovo, HUAWEI, Acer & more.

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Sinking into a cotton towel bathrobe after a nice hot bath is the best, especially the full length hooded ones which are often quite difficult to find in UAE. They are definitely not sold all year round, maybe due to the generously hot weather not many people feel the need for them or a hot bath. However, this 2 piece set is a lot cooler, lighter & the next best thing if you live in a hot country and don’t have many hot baths 😉 It’s perfect for when getting out the shower, going to the swimming pool, spa, sauna, gym or beach. They come in many colours to suit your preference.

Bathrobe as gift for her


Prayer hijabs are one of those things all Muslim women and girls need and use 5 times a day, every day but make-do with old ones or never prioritise in treating themselves to. We should always try to look our best in front of our Creator and there is so much reward for the person who gifts it every time the receiver prays in it.

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That finally concludes our collection of Top 20 Best UAE Gifts For Her 2024, we do hope that you found it inspirational & informative. Please feel free to share your thoughts and any more suggestions in our comments section below.

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