Best Eid Al Adha Gift Ideas In UAE For Under 100AED

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Do you need some quick, easy and ‘affordable’ Eid Al Adha Gift Ideas In UAE? We’ve put together a great collection of creative & thoughtful gifts you can get for under 100AED.

It’s never too early to start thinking about Eid – especially when we have had to go through such challenging times. Gifts put beautiful smiles on peoples faces and the world is in desperate need of some cheering up & feeling thankfulness. Eid al Fitr 2020 was not as we have ever experienced before, however as Eid Al Adha is creeping closer there are plenty of us that are seeing some light at the end of this dark tunnel. We know that recent events have made many families and individuals tight for cash, leading the majority to be more careful as to where they decide to put down their money. That’s why we decided to offer you more affordable options. For even more gift ideas, check out our most recent Gifts For Him collection and Gifts For Her collection.

1. A Nice Picture Frame with a Personalised Quote

If your friends are anything like 95% of the people in the world that love quotes & unique prints, they will love this. The Internet is full of so many talented artists making really cool Islamic designs. If they are really into a tv series, maybe you can find a nice quote from their favourite character. Or maybe they are religious if so, you can easily quote something special from the Quran or Hadith in reference to Eid. This simple grey wash frame is only 11.99 AED and can work just as effectively with a quote from a favourite novel, favourite actor or entrepreneur. The Internet is overflowing with fan art you can easily print out at home in any colour that will best suit their home.

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2. A Recipe Journal 

Recipes from a cookbook or the Internet are great, but there’s something especially wonderful about your mother’s food, comfort food you grew up with and recipes accumulated from friends. They all end up on scraps of paper here and there and scattered in different parts of the house. Whether you’re a student studying away from home, a teenager wanting to collect your families popular recipes or newly married and wanting to recreate an old family favourite, this makes a thoughtful gift for males & females of all ages. This Recipe Journal is only 31.95 AED and there are many other fun designs that you can collect some tasty Eid Recipes in.

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3. Eid Cookie Cutters

Making Eid cookies is an ancient tradition that goes far back to the time of the blessed prophet (PBUH). You can find some really lovely designs & shapes & sizes for as little as 35 AED. Cookie cutters make a good gift for people of all ages regardless of gender. Here are a selected few to choose from. If you want, you can even add a cute apron to go with it.

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Maghmour patterned Eid Cookie Cutters shaper Eid Moubarak Cookie Cutter set Eid Moubarak Cookie Cupcake Stencil Set


4. Bukhour Or Bukhour Burner

Everyone loves the scent of Oud and aromatic Arabic Attar oils and everyone wants their home smelling lovely, especially during Eid when you can expect a fair number of visitors. Burning Boukhour has been an Arab tradition for centries and since caught onto many other customs & traditions. They make a lovely traditional gift for the whole family to enjoy and don’t need to cost a fortune.

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Nabeel Perfumes Oudh Nabeel Incense Solid Perfume 24.65 AED

Emirati Style Bukhour Burner 85.92

Bukhour Charcoal 80 quick lighting briquets 25.00 AED


5. Eid Decorations Or Ornament

What better gift than an ornament or home decoration that will be put up every year thinking of you! Let’s face it, we all love that feeling of excitement when putting up decorations, especially with the kids. Here are a few nice ones to contemplate on.

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Eid Balloon Decoration Set 55 AED Wooden Eid Ramadan Serving Tray 72.99 AED

Wooden Moon Light Decoration Eid Mubarak Craft 34.59 AED


6. A Plant or Planter Pot

Plants, plant pots, gardening sets or even a gardening book might come in handy this summer when many of us are stuck at home still and trying to get as much vitamin D as we can from being in the garden. I always prefered plants to flowers although flowers do make a beautiful gift they don’t usually live very long despite their expense. This Set of 3 Mandala style ceramic planters are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor planting, suitable for a bamboo tray, Cactus & Herbs.

planters,plants,plant pot,gardening,gardening set,summer,Eid Al Adha,Eid,gifts,ideas,2020,ceramic

7. A Scrap Book

What better way of cherishing all your Eid memories? You can get creative with all your theatre tickets, restaurant menus, magazine cut-offs and everything else we tend to accumulate for memories sakes. This nifty scrapbook can collect it all for you to create an amazing explosion surprise gift box or if you prefer, you can give the receiver the therapeutic experience of bringing it all together themselves with their own artistic flair. What Satisfaction! This item is an Amazon’s Choice and only 53.99 AED

SCRAPBOOK,explosion surprise gift box,memories,keepsakes,Eid,Eid Gifts,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE,2020


8. A Mug With A Bag Of Coffee Or A Teabox

Mugs are another place where your knowledge of your friend or loved one will come in handy. Do they love cats or funny quotes? Mugs come in lots of different styles to choose from, we even found this nice Eid Mubarak set with matching cushion for only 50 AED!

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Eid Mug Gift Set 2 Mugs & 1 Cushion 50.00 AED Ahmad Tea London 12 Teas Gift Box 15.25 AED Coffee Planet Medium Roast Organic Coffee 250g 24.00 AED


9. A Stationary Set Or Notebook with a Personal Note

It’s time for us to bring back the joy & tradition of good old pen and paper! Writing letters is more intimate than e-mails, Facebook & Whatsapp messages. It’s collectable too as it becomes a keepsake. Keeping a journal can help increase focus, promote mindfulness, and boost memory. An empty notebook is also just full of promise, especially for a person of a creative or analytical bent. Here are some products for inspiration.


brown,leather,retro,vintage,notebook,notepad,leaf motif,Eid,Gift,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE,2020 writing paper,writing,stationery,old,retro,vintage,notebook,notepad,accessories,Eid,Gift,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE,2020 writing pen,fountain pen,ink pen,feather pen,souvenir,writing,stationery,old,retro,vintage,notebook,notepad,accessories,Eid,Gift,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE,2020

Vintage Brown Leather Notebook Writing Diary Retro

45.99 AED

Vintage Stationery Writing Paper + Envelope Set

73.23 AED

Vintage Feather Quill Dip Pen Writing Ink Set

39.00 AED 


10. A Board Game

There are many fun family board games to choose from for some halal Eid Entertainment. But since this is Eid Al Adha we are buying for, why not make it an Islamic one? Test & improve your families Quran Knowledge with this Quran Knowledge Boardgame. It’s sure to bring lots of cheer or shame while having a good time. Price 62.00 AED.

QURAN CHALLENGE,Board game,family game,,Muslim,Eid,entertainment,halal,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE


11. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What better gadget to burst your Eid Nasheeds out from than this Sony Bluetooth Speaker that works 6 hours straight giving you non-stop Eid fun. This wireless headset has full volume control and compatible with all brands currently on offer for only 89 AED from 158 AED saving you 69 DHS.

sony,bluetooth,speaker,Eid,Nasheeds,party,Gift,Eid al Adha,2020

12. A Gift Card

This is a great option when you don’t have a clue what to get. Most retail shops offer gift cards or vouchers, among the most popular are eGift Cards that start from 25 AED and with millions of products to choose from an overwhelming variety of categories, there must be something there that will make any person happy regardless of age, personality & style! Their gift cards come in a variety of designs to choose from catering for all occasions.

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13. A Kitchen Tool

It takes a long time to stock your first kitchen, but even when you think it’s fully stocked there are still little bits and bobs that either need replacing or you didn’t ever get around buying yet. Things like can openers, vegetable peelers, pizza slicers or garlic pressers are often among these items & are always appreciated. However, on this occasion, we decided to choose this Electric Vegetable Corer Drill for that extra ease while making those extra yummy Eid dishes such as Mahshi & Dolma. For only 37.90 AED you can slice the prep time for these delicious dishes in half. Why not even throw in a pretty tea towel for some colour.

vegetable corer,dolma,mahshi,Arabic cooking,Eid,food,Arab,Middle Eastern Cuisine,Dubai,UAE,Eid Al Adha

14. Candles Or Eid Lighting

Eid lighting just adds that special festive feeling to the room, it makes the place feel warm and cosy and there are many lovely stars and crescent designs to choose from. In those weeks leading up to Eid, everyone’s house smells of delicious cookies and sweets in preparation of the special day. In the weeks after, when those sweet scents have disappeared & sweets all gobbled up, a nice scented candle like these ones can fill the void Eid left behind. Allowing you to enjoy another lovely aroma for just 82.59 AED.

candles,scented candles,gift box,,Muslim,Eid,entertainment,halal,Eid Al Adha,Dubai,UAE

15. Travel Prayer Mat Set

Now although there’s a possibility that we may not be able to pray Eid prayer at the Masjid this Eid Al Adha, we have all been told to follow the guidelines set for our safety. One of which is taking our own prayer mats to the masjid with us. With this in mind as well as the number restrictions allowed to enter the masjid at one time, there’s a strong possibility that you may get stuck having to pray outside. This makes this quality woven Travel Prayer Mat set with matching shoulder bag is a very thoughtful and useful gift. With many colour and design options, you can’t go wrong plus it’s only 77.71 AED

travel,prayer mat,prayer,namaz,sajada,woven prayer mat,Dubai,UAE,Eid,Eid prayer,masjid,namaz mat,carpet,Mosque,Gift,Eid al Adha

16. External CD DVD Drive

This external CD and DVD Drive by OMOTON is portable and works as a DVD Burner as well as an optical drive with a USB of 3.0 and Type-C compatible with laptops, Desktops, Macs, Macbooks, IOS, Windows 10/8/7/XP and Linux. What better gift for burning all your Eid day memories from all your family’s and friends phones onto a memorable compact disc for easy access and entertainment after some years down the line. Keep memories alive for only 95AED. 


17. A Pillow Or Cushion Cover

Don’t laugh, there are many cosy, funny useful pillows & cushions and there are so many people that have a whole collection of them just because they love how they feel. There are floor cushions, bed cushions, sofa cushions, pillows with quotes and pillows for support. The list is endless. I once received a sleeping memory pillow and I LOVED it, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received. There are pillows for all ages and styles for all tastes and they don’t need to be expensive!


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Mandala Floor Pillows Round Bohemian Cushion 69.99 AED

Glitter Pillow Reversible Sequins Pillow 22.90 AED

Eid Mubarak Linen Pillowcase 47.99 AED


18. Adjustable Lap Desk

An adjustable lap desk can help improve posture and reduce muscle pain caused by slouching, this can include shoulder and neck pain as well as the upper & lower back. This particular Lap Desk comes with 8 adjustable angles & dual cushions. It has multiple uses and can be used as a laptop stand to use on the sofa, on a bed or in the car, a work table, a lap writing or drawing board. You can even use it to serve breakfast in bed or watch on the tablet. All for the cost of 85 AED.

lap desk,laptop desk,drawing,writing,board,tablet holder,posture,Eid,Eid al Adha,gifts,2020,ideas,inspiration

19. A Canvas Or Wall Art 

A canvas or home decor can be slightly personal so if you know the person well enough to be sure what they like, it’s a lovely gesture if you know they actually need it. There are beautiful Arabic calligraphy options but also neutral design options that can go with any colour and decor, such as this 5 piece beautiful World Map Canvas Set. Boasting a grungy black background and embossed with a metallic gold map finish, it’s simply eloquent for only 88.99 AED.

world,map,canvas,canvas set,world map,wall art,canvas set,black,gold,decoration,home decor,Eid,Gifts,2020,Eid Al Adha

20. A New Phone Case

This Kekleshell iPhone X/10 soft liquid silicone case is 5.8″ in size and comes in multiple colours to choose from. A new phone cover is always useful even if you already have one. Some have better wear than others but in general, it’s always best to have a few to choose from, it also gives a new feel to the phone.

iphone,iphone cover,iphone case,phone case,phone cover,Dubai,UAE,Gifts,ideas,phone,Eid,Eid Al Adha

21. Fragrance

Who doesn’t love fragrance? This timeless classic for gifts has been one of the most popular choices throughout generations. This may be due to its convenience among many advantages. It is suitable for all age groups, men, women, boys, girls, teens and tweens. This Ted Baker London Precious Harmony Gift Set is a good example of what’s available for under 100AED with a price of only 85.00 AED.

fragrance,eid gifts,Eid,Eid al Adha,fragrance set,perfume set,Dubai,UAE,2020,TED BAKER

22. Eid Clothes

Now I’m sure that many of us have all grown up with the classic gift of new Eid clothes to wear on this special day. One of the reasons this is such a popular and classic gift is because our beloved prophet PBUH has stated in some hadith that we must wash and wear clean pretty clothes on this special day. Wearing your best clothes, if not new, is a sunnah we all love to fulfil. So why not give a pretty outfit or accessory that will go with it? Men’s thobes and women’s Abayas are among the popular choices of dress.

mens,thobe,kaftan,kandora,Eid dress,Eid wear,Eid,Gift,UAE,Dubai,2020 WOMENS Abaya,black,Islamic dress,Muslim,Muslimah,kaftan,kandora,Eid dress,Eid wear,Eid,Gift,UAE,Dubai,2020

Thobe, Dishdasha, Kandora Arabic Muslim Wear For Men’s with Long Sleeve 90.00 AED

Women’s Muslim Islamic Dress Black Abaya 99.00 AED


Final Thoughts

Well, we know for sure this list of Eid Al Adha Gift Ideas In UAE is just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to how much you can buy for under 100AED and we tried to include products that can easily be adapted to any age or gender. We would love to here your opinions and feedbacks. What product would you best like? Is there a product you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below 😉

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