Genuine leather Bluetooth anti-theft smart wallet

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The biggest feature of Anti-theft smart wallet is that it injects a social element, and builds a network to find your wallet.
This customizable tracker allows the owner to report the information of missing Anti-theft smart wallet through the App to the server, so that all users could find the wallet easily.
The Bseek App will notify you when you leave it behind!

About the wallet
– Short style wallet with smart button
– 4 card slots, 2 cash layers, 2 coin layers and 1 photo window
– Charging port for long-lasting using
About smart functions
– Anti-theft smart wallet will ring and indicate where it is if you forget where you put it, also, you can find the phone by the wallet.
– Anti-theft smart wallet and the phone will beep if they are beyond the preset range
– Wallet will mark your current location with GPS
– Remote shooting within 15 meters, also, recording is allowed

What makes this purse special is that it is connected to network. The tracker of it has enabled the users to get the information of the missing wallet through app in the connected smartphone. This allows users to easily find the wallet.

If you forget the purse where it is, you can handle in the connected phone and it will ring and display. In addition, you can also find your phone. Even if the purse and phone are outside the preset distance, they will crash together. GPS of it can help you with the localization.

Anti-theft smart wallet works on iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0, supports Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 or higher.
Inner color of the bag will be delivered randomly.
The bag may have some crease in package during shipping.
There may be some smell which is normal, you can put it outside for several days, then it will disappear.

This is super useful gift for any men.


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Genuine leather Bluetooth anti-theft smart wallet

AED 81.99

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